Global Network

We offer offer various shipping services

via all major ports in Europe to all main ports in the world, especially in the USA/Canada.


The emergence of a global economy in combination with new technologies has created endless opportunities for all types of business all over the world. At the same time, as the global market place is shrinking in terms of communication and transportation, freight forwarding and logistics has become increasingly complex.

Logistics has become more than coordinating and managing the movement of your cargo. It is also a matter of in a network of various involved participants in order to get the most cost-effective and time-efficient logistic solutions. Complying to the requirements of various participants, like ocean freighters, air-cargo lines, rail freighters, trucking companies, customs, warehousing, export and import authorities and so on, is also a very complex and time-consuming part of the process in order to get your goods from A to B.

As a family owned NVOCC (Non Vessel Owned Common Carrier), founded in France, MTLS aims to provide ‘One Stop’ global logistic solutions. Our broad network of reliable partners and relations is our foundation enabling us to offer prompt and reliable logistic groupage solutions to importers and exporters worldwide.

Benefiting a global network

MTLS, established in 1970, is designed to be a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) providing the benefits of volume buying with the top ocean carriers and ultimately lower cost in the transportation of your goods to overseas customers. In contrary to a traditional VOCC, a NVOCC does not own or operate its own fleet of ships and containers.

5668473_sOur goal is to create ‘buying force’ by contractual proposals with different shipping lines to ensure the shipment of a certain number of units within a specified timeframe and in return to enable our customers to benefit favorable services against the best ocean freight rates. Our global network of inter-related partners offers a distinct advantage enabling us to offer various shipping services via all major ports in Europe to all main ports in the world, especially in the USA/Canada. MTLS brokers the best deal, issue bills of loading and manage the whole routing of your shipment – not just on the water – but in the air and on land as well. It is our core business concentrating on getting your cargo where it needs to be in the right way at the right time.

Building a relationship

Overcoming the simplest as well as the most complex logistics challenge is the key to success for your business. MTLS’s commitment and promise materialize by offering the best logistics performance. We recognize the best forwarding and logistics solution differ according to every companies’ situation and expectations. It is not about the wide range of services we offer. It is about the identification, design and implementation of the best logistic solution contributing towards the success of your business. The MTLS consultative approach is a logical sequence of analyzing, designing, implementing and finally also continuously keep improving and renewing your business.

In our approach we address four challenges in order to design the best logistic solution for your business:

Strategic challenge
to consider local and global developments in global commerce and translating them in solutions for overall organizations.
Tactical challenge
to analyze and design the best transportation scenarios, according to your needs, and create a smooth flow between the various elements in the chain.
Operational challenge
to implement, manage and secure the different operations in the most efficient and effective way.
Follow up challenge
to assure we meet your expectations and build a long term mutual relationship

Our values

“In the past years MTLS has proven to be a reliable and strong worldwide operating logistics partner for many importers, exporters and freight forwarders. Our mission is to provide our customers with smart and reliable logistic solutions, always aiming to exceed their expectations in price, liability and quality.

iStock_000007446940XSmallToday’s economic climate is tough, and the market tends to be price-driven. Together Everyone Achieves More: offering our customers the benefits of our buying force, including better conditions, better rates, better service and eventually better results. That is why we invest in our providers and our customers in order to build long term Win-Win relationships. Our integrity sets us apart in what we proclaim and promise, since customers expect reliable no-nonsense solutions without any unexpected surprises.

‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ is only achievable by being flexible and creative, always seeking for innovation and improvements in order to offer the best solutions and always create mutual cost-effectiveness.

It is our strong belief we can meet your expectations and create mutual added value on the long term for you, our customers, our future customers, our employees, our partners and our stakeholders.”

Simplifying global logistics

Finding the right logistic solutions should not be delayed due spending to much energy doing research bringing your goods from point A to point B in the fastest, most reliable and cheapest possible way. As a NVOCC, MTLS simplifies global commerce by offering distinct advantages for you and providing a various range of services anywhere in the world.While concentrating on your core business, MTLS designs customized solutions that perfectly fitting to your logistic needs, including the whole range of shipping, transportation and logistic services. MTLS aims creating ‘buying power’ contributing to your profitability by:
offer the best ocean freight rates.
Time efficiency:
optimal balance between transit time and cost-effectiveness.
Quality delivery:
using the best choice of shipping lines to every destination.
delivering on time avoiding inefficiency and ineffectiveness in costs and energy.
Economic integration:
without delay seamless integrating logistic solutions in your operational and economical processes.